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The Gary Engberg Story


Gary Engberg wears many hats, but his two favorite are fishing and hockey.  Our Swedish import grew up in the Northeast suburbs of Chicago and now lives on the shores of the Lower Wisconsin River.  His first fish was probably a panfish or walleye caught on one of his frequent trips to Northern Wisconsin. Those

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The Andy Johnson Story


Andy Johnson Story Andy grew up fishing.  Like many us he has fond memories of fishing with dad.  He remembers those real early mornings when dad would awaken him and ask, “Want to go fishing?”  More often than not, he would jump at the opportunity and help load the 10-12ft Jon Boat into the pick-up

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The Brad Davis Story


Photo Of: Grandpa Brad coaching Ethan, fish on! Brad Davis recalls catching his first fish, a bluegill, on Webb Lake in Burnett County when he was probably four years old. The Northern Wisconsin lake was a far cry from 58th Street in Milwaukee where he grew up. He has fond memories of his dad providing

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The Chad Paffel Story


Chad Paffel is a family oriented fishing fanatic. As owner of Muskie Metal Lures since 2006, he shares his passion for the sport by creating unique lures for fellow fishermen. A large wooden muskellunge carving welcomes you at the entry to his home. Inside you find kids that love to play and build with LEGOs

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