• Monica the Muskie shares the fun and excitement of fishing with family and friends. The muskie's reputation as a large, mean, and difficult-to-catch fish is legendary. Monica shares suggestions for getting the elusive fish into the boat and captures the rewarding feeling dedicated Muskie fishermen know well. Fishing with family and friends creates lasting memories and teaches us to explore and enjoy the outdoors.
  • A little boy and girl head out with dad and gramps on a wilderness fishing adventure. What’s more fun than a Canadian Fly-In trip? They take off and land on water in a float plane. The family shares  a campfire with s’mores and a shore lunch with fresh fish. Besides fishing, they scare an eagle, sight a moose and bears, encounter a beaver and hear the call of a loon. Our kids need to view the outdoors and environment as a place to explore and enjoy while maintaining the heritage of fishing.  This story shares the fun and excitement of the sport with the next generation.
  • "Battle of the Bass" is for moms and dads, grandmas and grandpas, aunts and uncles and friends who take kids fishing in the Great Outdoors. The joy of the time spent spent with kids will be fondly remembered forever.

    "Great information to motivate and get more kids into the sport of fishing, especially bass fishing." Al Linder Bass Fishing Hall of Fame Angler Director, Lidner Media Productions "Battle of the Bass" is awesome and a great read for anyone. Especially kids looking to get into fishing!" Jay Prezkurat Bassmaster Elite Series Angler
  • Share the joy of fishing, with kids.

    “Walter the Wily Walleye” is a story of a fish that invites and challenges a child to try and catch him.  Walter provides a whimsical look at a fun sport.  He encourages the reader and child to seek adventure with family and friends. Fishing with sons and daughters, grandsons and granddaughters, adds joy to life.  You are never too young or to old to catch the fishing bug. Being “wily” makes Walter “sneaky” but he is also friendly and suggests you grab a pole and go fishing for fun.  He hopes to swim into your imagination and provide interesting information about his life in the water.    
  • Walter invites the reader and child to get up, get out, and own the cold. He suggests fishing can be fun on a frozen lake. So bundle up and explore a great winter wonderland with an adventure in the snow.


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